Friday, February 13, 2009

Here we go again

What to say, what to say. Seems like it's been ages since my last post but it's been just over a month -- not bad for me. Well, busy season has officially begun. Back to getting in early and leaving late at night again :-). Actually, I'm in the office as I write this - not on the clock but still here. Things are getting interesting though. A few days after my last post one of my bosses was laid off along with a few other people in the office. Actually, the girl who sat right across from me, whose held the same position as I do with more time at the company was let go as well. Stupid economic downturn!! So, things have been on and off stressful. Then, another one of my supervisors tells me that I need to be more proactive and stop keeping to myself so much. Ouch! Yeah I was kind of hurt when she told me but really, she had a point. I've made a point of being more upbeat and social. I don't know if she's noticed but I feel a lot happier at work. This past week I had my midyear review and people had good things to say about me. As of two weeks ago I got shuffled around a bit - taken off a larger engagement and put on to two smaller ones. I miss the team that I worked with but I always like a fresh start and new challenges. I realize I just wrote a whole lot of stuff about work. I guess, when you're at work so much that's where you focus kind of is.

Kristen and I are seriously thinking about purchasing a home this year. We've actually done some looking with an agent and even put an offer on a house - don't figure it will be accepted but hey can't hurt. Although there are plenty of things that suck about the economy right now one good thing is that it's pretty ideal if you are trying to buy a home (not so much for people trying to sell - just ask Zimm).

I'm really, really, really starting to feel all grown up - a car payment, maybe a house, a real job, kids, etc. I'll be 30 next month. Wow! I don't feel old - just grown up. It's actually kind of cool. Too bad I don't act grown up -- just ask my wife. She's says I still act like I'm 12!!

As you might have guessed I'm extremely excited about the new U2 album coming out next month. I know that the new single (Get on Your Boots) isn't exactly their best work ever but I like it. It actually took me a few listens before I liked it. So if you don't like it you need to give it a few more listens. The single they put out for Christmas was fabulous though. Anyway, I'm sure there will be some awesome tracks on the album.

You may also be interested to know that I am the Eco Care Champion for our office. My former supervisor (the one who was let go) actually asked me if I would do it. That's right -- me! I'm actually really enjoying it. Some of Kristen's hippie-Commie views have rubbed off on me. (I'm just kidding sweetheart). Together we've been trying to do little things here and there to be more green.

I've started to realize how much of a dork I am. I really enjoy playing around with Excel and teaching myself new things. Using internet forums and trial-and-error I've taught myself quite a bit about Excel VBA and have put together some pretty sweet (and time saving) macros for work. If you've got something you want put together let me know as I would love the challenge of figuring out how to do it. Just wait until after April 15 though.

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